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BeamX DAO brings sovereign, decentralized and privacy solutions to the crypto space 

Built on Beam, a layer one privacy blockchain



Decentralized confidential governance

Our goal is to make the Beam ecosystem as decentralized as possible, giving the stakeholders full control over the protocol governance.

We foster a global community of researchers, developers and activists to maintain, develop and promote Beam and financial privacy in general.

Stakeholder can vote on all aspects of the ecosystem through ownership of the BeamX governance token.

Voters are incentivized to vote; their choices, identity and holdings are completely private.

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BeamX Platform
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Proposal submission and voting

(coming soon)

Anyone can submit a BeamX DAO proposal.

BeamX DAO facilitators review proposals and upload suggestions 7 days before the next voting cycle.

Voting cycles happen every ~2 weeks (20,160 Blocks).

Voting will be done in a DAPP embedded in the BeamX wallet.

BeamX token


A single governance token for the suite of DAPPs and the Beam protocol

A Confidential Asset on the Beam blockchain.

100M total supply with 4-year emission schedule.

Can be farmed by staking Beam.

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BeamX token distribution

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BeamX token emission schedule

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Development Funds
Adoption & Liquidity Mining
Ecosystem partners
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